Dj Klinx feat. Ildi – Passion (Radio Edit)

Letöltés: Dj Klinx feat. Ildi - Passion
Verzió: Radio Edit
Stílus: Pop
Méret: ()
Dátum: 2011-09-20
Letöltve: 39923
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Versszak I.
It’s a crazy love
what about us
i want to kiss ur lips tonight
we standing there
u feel it yeahh,
i wanna do dance with u baby

thats song is how lovely,
telling true story
and our love is amazing,
give your heart and take mine
because it’s true love

Versszak II.
This moment is
like a dream
I cant explain what i feel in
my heart is beat
Yours the same
the endless night (is) callin’ us

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